Please refer to these frequently asked questions regarding our upcoming lottery process

  • How does the lottery work?

Interested families should first apply for the 20-21 school year via our school website. After this your child’s name is automatically placed in the lottery system. On Feb 19th the lottery will take place. This is not done on the campus of SCSA rather it is outsourced to a school enrollment group. This group will notify the SCSA admin the week of Feb 22nd with result names. From here we have a process for notifying parents.

  • Are there opportunities to tour the school?

Yes. Please refer to our website and Facebook page to be notified of the upcoming virtual and on campus sessions. On campus sessions will be by registration only and will require small groups with face coverings on at all times. Without a completed registration and confirmation you will not be able to attend. Virtual sessions will be posted as well and done via Zoom.

  • I have more than one child. Can I guarantee that they all will get accepted?

There is no guarantee, but a priority for this process. For example, if your child is already a current SCSA student, the child that you want to enroll will be highly considered. The same is the case for new siblings.

  • If I apply more than once will it increase my chances?

No. Please only apply once and please be sure to correctly state all information to include your name, your child’s name, and most importantly your email and phone number. We have noticed over the past two years that incorrect information slows down this process of SCSA properly contacting families. 


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