EC Philosophy Statement:

Each student with a disability deserves high-quality and individually designed instruction. That is the belief of Southwest Charlotte STEM Academy (SCSA).  The Exceptional Children’s Program is designed to make sure that students with disabilities grow mentally, physically, and emotionally to the fullest extent possible through appropriate, individualized education in the least restrictive environment.  

EC services are integrated with an emphasis on cooperative planning and intervention, research-based instructional practices and strategies,  collaboration with general education and parents to assure all students with IEPs are entitled to a Free and Appropriate Public Education (FAPE).

The overall goal of the EC department is to establish a successful collaboration between special educators, general educators, related professionals, and families in order to successfully teach and support students with disabilities.

Child Find:
  • SCSA is required to identify, locate and serve students with disabilities who reside in their district. 

  • SCSA is required to accept and review all written referrals; provide assistance to parents, if needed, in completing the written referral; and inform parents who make an oral referral that it must be in writing. 

  • The determination to conduct an evaluation is made based on the review of existing data. If the IEP Team, based on the review of existing data, determines not to conduct an evaluation, parents must be provided prior written notice and the procedural safeguards (Handbook on Parents’ Rights). 

If you suspect that your child is delayed in the development of academic, speech-language, readiness, motor, social-behavior, and/or self-help skills, contact the Regional Exceptional Children Program Director (Carla Forbes) at cforbes@educaresolutions.us to discuss your concerns.

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