Amazing activity for students! Try it at home

Learn more about color theory and color mixing with this fun water activity for kids. The printable color mixing cards can be used as a worksheet or can be laminated if you would like to use it with water. The worksheet can act as a free printable color chart too. 

color mixing water activity

In this activity children will learn about the primary colors first. These include red, yellow and blue. They will then create secondary colors: green, purple and orange.

Materials Required:

Download the color mixing printable here:

color mixing water activity

How to set up the activity

You do not need to use the table portion below the bin. You can place the bin on the floor.. or you can just use a table. The bin is not necessary.

For the first activity we put the worksheet / color cards into a dry erase pocket. We then set up the primary colors by using water and food coloring. The three primary colors are red, blue and yellow. 

Then you can use the worksheet and pipette to mix the colors.  Be careful and mix equal parts of each color.

Send us your pictures!

Rockets had fun trying this activity on the classroom.Try it at home and send us the results!  Email us scsc@edupix.org

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