Making A Blood Model In A Jar

What Are The 4 Components Of Blood?

There are 4 different components of blood: Red Blood Cells, Plasma, Platelets, and White Blood Cells.


Red blood cells are the most common cell found in the blood. They deliver oxygen through the bloodstream to the body and carry carbon dioxide out of the body


Plasma is the yellow-ish liquid part of the blood and makes up about 55% of the blood. It carries the cells and proteins throughout the body.


White blood cells are part of the germ-fighting immune system. They floating around in the blood looking for invaders, like viruses and bacteria. When white blood cells find viruses and bacteria they fight them off.


Platelets are colorless cell fragments in the blood. When you get cut they form clots and stop or prevent bleeding.

STEM ACTIVITY: How To Make A Blood Model



To create your blood model you will need to following materials:

  • Clear Corn syrup for the Plasma
  • A medium-sized bag of Red cinnamon candies for the Red Blood Cells
  • A handful of Dry lima beans and the White Blood Cells
  • About a cup of Lentils or Navy Beans for the Platelets
  • A 32 ounce Mason Jar and lid
  • A large spoon

Step 1

Pour the corn syrup into the mason jar. The corn syrup represents the plasma in the bloodstream..

Step 2

Next, add the red cinnamon candies to the jar to represent the red blood cells. Stir them into the corn syrup. This might be tricky for younger children as the corn syrup is thick. Encourage them to keep stirring.

Step 3

Once the red blood cells are evenly distributed throughout the plasma add in the white blood cells and stir. These are represented by dry lima beans.

Step 4

Last, but not least add about a cup of lentils or navy beans and stir. Either one will work just fine. The lentils/navy beans represent the platelets. Once you’re done stirring, you’ve done it! That is what blood looks like up close. 

Try it at home!

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