New Parent Questions for SCSA

1. What is the student-to-teacher ratio in the classroom?

20 to 1 in K-5 and about 22 to 1 in 6-8. 2.

2. Are there teacher assistants in the classrooms?

Kindergarten will have a TA.

3. Is there a resource officer on campus? Half-day or full day?

We do have a full time school Resource Officer.

4. What’s the role that resource officers play on campus?
The school resource officer’s responsibilities include developing the best safety procedures for potential threats in the school, conducting drills with students and staff, supporting with the arrival and dismissal of buses and cars, and basically making sure our school is as safe as possible.
5. Is there a school nurse on campus? Half-day or full day?

We will be having a part time nurse on campus for the year 2021-2022.

6. Is the school population diverse?

Our school population is currently 330 Black students, 117 Hispanic, 73 white, 50 Asian and 10 Other or of Mixed Race.

7. Is there a before and after school program?

Yes. Our contracted service providers have both before and aftercare for a fee.

8. Does the school have bus transportation? What is the bus schedule? Where is pick-up and drop-off?

We do contracts through Olympic Transportation. Bus times will be determined based on ridership in year 3. This year buses typically run between 7 am until 7:45 in the morning and 3 pm until around 4 pm in the afternoon. There is a 6 miles radius rule for the bus.

9. What are the car rider drop-off and pick-up times? Where do I drop-off and pick-up?

Carline begins at 7:45 and ends at 8:05 every morning. It runs from 3:00 until 3:15 every afternoon. We use the front of the school for carpooling.

10. What kind of lunch options are in the cafeteria? How do I make payment for my student’s lunch?

We provide both breakfast and lunch daily. A federal lunch application will be provided in August. If eligible, students eat both for free or they may qualify for free or reduced price. Students can always bring in their own lunch. We have a payment system that can be done once the school year is established in August.

11. How do I receive communication from my student’s teacher?

The entire school uses the Parent Square communication system to send notifications, newsletters, etc.

12. How do I receive communication from the school about any news outside of my child’s classroom?

We use Parent Square.

13. Where do I purchase uniforms?

We use one approved vendor for school uniforms. This is the company: https://inunisonkids.com/. Uniforms cannot be purchased on the school’s campus.

14. Are there any school sports?

In 2021-2022 we will offer soccer, basketball, volleyball, and cheer for students in grades 6-8

15. What school clubs/activities are offered?

There will be a variety of clubs and organizations offered for grades K-8. We have been able to offer Chess Club, Girls on the Run, STEM-centered clubs, etc. Once these clubs are determined we will communicate them to parents.

16. What areas of the school can I volunteer?

There are several committees that parents can support and be a part of after passing a background check. Look for those committees to be part of the new family orientation in August.

17. Are there honor classes offered?

Next year we will be offering an accelerated pathway for grades 3-8. These students will be determined using data such as EOG assessment data and CoGat assessments.

18. Will the playground and field be completed by the Fall 2021?

Yes. The field is on schedule to be completed in May and from there we will re-erect the playground.

19. What does a workshop model in the classroom look like? What does the students gain/benefit from this model?

Parents can learn more about the model here: https://www.unitsofstudy.com/introduction

20. What is the school’s attendance policy?

Here is an excerpt from our Student Handbook:

https://docs.google.com/document/d/1cHYjaHSpsDlKnhJXwaTGQTuMQ Ut__D0psa-mmfdWxIo/edit?usp=sharing

21. Is there an Exceptional Children program here?

Yes. We do have an EC staff and honor all individual education plans

22. How do I sign-up my student for Before and After School Care program? 
Please visit the Young Explorers Center website: https://www.youngexplorerscenter.com/southwest-charlotte-stem-academy
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