How to Make Rainbow Leaf Prints

Leaf Printing Supplies

Washable markers and leaves- that’s all you need for these leaf print.  Chances are you’ve already got what you need!

Go on a little walk around the yard and gather up some different leaves to experiment with.  Any leaf will work but the easiest prints re larger and mostly flat.  We used hydrangea leaves, hostas, and maple leaves all with good luck!

You’ll need paper to print on.  Copy weight paper will work just fine for this but if I had my way I’d print on card stock! It’s so bright white and holds up nicely!

Color a Rainbow Leaf

Flat leaves work best for this process, both for the coloring and the printing.  Lay some scrap paper or a paper towel under your leaf and color away.  This is a great time to emphasize the whole ROYGBIV colors of the rainbow theme. 

Try to add color over the evenly, over the entire leaf, switching up colors whenever the mood strikes!

Printing a Rainbow Leaf

When the leaf is covered in washable marker you’re ready to print! Grab your white paper and a damp paper towel.  Wipe across the paper with the paper towel so it’s just damp, but not soggy.

Turn the colored part of the leaf onto the paper and press down gently.  Press all over to be sure that the colors from the leaf has a chance to transfer to the paper and then carefully remove the leaf.

You can reuse leaves over and over but some marker residue will remain on leaves.  Try a fresh leaf and a fresh rainbow pattern.  We tried spirals, stripes, classic rainbow arches, and some random organic stripey patterns.  They all turn out a little differently but they’re all bright and beautiful!

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